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Years in recruitment: 17            Area of expertise: Banking and Finance

Favourite thing about working at Copper Road:
We laugh every day, we are all completely genuine in our passion for recruitment and candidate care, we are all a bit naughty and no matter how bad your day is you know you will get support, help and usually a glass of wine not necessarily in that order to help you feel better. 


How would your colleagues describe you:
Energetic, optimistic and over excitable, often all at once, terrible at admin and a bit daggy. 


What did you want to be when you were growing up:
A Lawyer or a Pirate, some might say these are pretty much the same thing! 


Where would we find you on the weekend:
Being a Footy mum at Auskick then BBQ-ing eating yummy food and drinking good red wine surrounded by children, friends and family. Mooching around Camberwell Market on Sunday morning 


Ideal Holiday:

New York, wandering the streets of Manhattan, people watching, window shopping, over spending in Bloomingdales and enjoying a cocktail or 3 on the roof of the Met watching the sunset over Central Park! Amazing! 

​​Guilty Pleasure:

Red Wine, Parking my car around the corner from home to finish listening to a Podcast and avoid my beautiful but insane family for 5 more minutes after a crazy day at work.  And did I say Red Wine??? 

​Fun Fact: 

My left arm is 8cm shorter than my right arm. 

Director and Permanent Specialist

Claire Flaherty

Years in recruitment: 7               Area of expertise: Business Support


Favourite thing about working at Copper Road:

The genuine excitement for each other’s success, endless amounts of support and an overall mutual respect gives you the warm and fuzzies on the daily - (Similar effect to wine for those playing at home). There is this great energy when we are all in the office which I LOVE. We are all such passionate and driven people and all a little bit crazy so there is never a dull moment!


How would your colleagues describe you:

The ‘inhouse millennial” aka the cool, trendy one ;) Very loud and chatty or quiet as a mouse– there isn’t really an in-between... Hilarious *fact* independent and generally the voice of reason for the office. 


What did you want to be when you were growing up:

A footballers wife – let’s all just take a second to appreciate this! Ha
A weather girl, ballet dancer or a mermaid – which is still pretty much life goals.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
Spilling drinks on the dance floor, subsequently nursing a hangover or spending money I don’t have on clothes and shoes I don’t need. 


Ideal holiday:
Mexico – Sunshine for days and beautiful beaches, eating my weight in yummy food and drinking too much tequila! What more could you want?!


​​Guilty pleasure:

Cheeseboards, chicken nuggets and taking extra-long naps.


​Fun Fact:

I can rap Boyz-n-the-Hood – Eazy E from start to finish…(well, almost)

Director and Temp Specialist

Rachel Handasyde

Years in recruitment:   11               Area of expertise: Legal Support


Favourite thing about working at Copper Road:

Our fabulous team. I get to spend my days surrounded by passionate, talented and hilarious women who are completely invested in making Copper Road a fabulous place for clients, candidates and us! There’s nobody I would rather share my highs, lows and burgers with :0)


How would your colleagues describe you?
Organised, compassionate, an excellent source of all Bachelor-based gossip and the resident admin nag!  


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A vet, a primary school teacher and a ballerina, probably all at the same time.


Where would we find you on the weekend:

Wrangling my two very spirited pre-schoolers, spending all our money on smashed avo and babycinos and finding as many ways as possible to combine child friendly activities with a sneaky vino and our fabulous friends.


Ideal holiday?

Tropical beach, sun lounger, good book, cocktail(s), hubby and/or bestie and a really, really good nanny!


Guilty pleasure?

Reality TV. All of it. Especially MAFS – TV Gold. Garth Brooks and red wine in a mug.


Fun fact:
A honey badger can turn 360 degrees inside it’s own skin – there’s a mental image for you.

Recruitment Specialist - Legal Support

Kate Ross

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